Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Summer of Rob Redux?

The dance went remarkably well, including my patented, highly perilous chair-walk thing (in which I confidently approach chair, place foot 1 on seat, foot 2 on top of chair back, sending the whole thing onto its back on the floor, all in one fluid motion and without falling).

Rehearsals really have been fun. Still, I've been reluctant to accept (or audition for) other commitments beyond this one. I was invited to audition for a couple of shows that would start directly on the back of this one, meaning I'd be rehearsing 4-5 times a week for the next show while performing 3 times a week for this one. I'm really not ready for that.

And there's this cool festival in June, but ... I missed June last year being in a show. I want to have a June. And maybe even another Summer of Rob, if that's possible ...

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