Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ever since leaving the security of a high-rise 3 years ago I have feared a break-in. One of my first purchases was an old baseball bat for next to my bed. Almost every time I come home I've thought, "Is this it? Is this when I'll find my home broken into?"

And Friday night it finally happened. They were persistent. They broke the glass on the door, unscrewed and tore off the bars, reached in to unlock the deadbolt and, even after all of that, crawled through the 12x12 hole to reach the deadbolt at the bottom of the door. At least I don't feel like there was something stupid I did, like leaving the place unlocked or under-protected.

Most of Saturday I was feeling pretty lucky. The place wasn't wrecked, and nothing unreplaceable was taken or broken (antiques, clothes, etc.) Even the big-ticket items -- TVs, stereo, etc. -- were left untouched. What they got were two old laptops. Thank blog I had taken my new laptop with me the night before.

It wasn't until I got home from rehearsal last night that it occurred to me. Bikey. Not even a year old. That pissed me off. 

The cops were nice. Very impressed with my meticulous record-keeping -- I had all the model and serials numbers of the computers right at my fingertips. 

This is sort of my second brush with crime in the past couple of months. I swear that the next person who comes close to harassing or bothering or even touching me on the street is going to get a mouthful of their own balls.

I know. Big talk for a guy who slept (intermittently) last night with the light on and his laptop and baseball bat under the covers with him ...

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