Friday, March 21, 2008


After 10 rehearsals in the past 11 days we seem to be ready. Last night was the best run ever. Some ensemble members were there and they really liked it.

So tonight's the preview, then tomorrow the official opening, then Sunday, I guess, the regular run begins. Lots of milestones in this production. Anyway, we'll finally get to see what regular people think.

This is a tough, tough play. Very complex, with lots of video components, which not only have to play properly, but we have to time our lines perfectly to fit the gaps between. Plus plenty of other lighting effects and sound cues. AND, it needs energy -- lots and lots of energy, straight out of the gate and then in ever-escalating amounts throughout the 1.5 or however many hours.

And then finally, there's the actual acting. I felt like last night I settled into some pretty on-target emotional places after lots of veering back and forth. So I think I've found it. I just need to re-find it 18 more times.

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Valerie Meachum said...

Break a leg!