Sunday, March 23, 2008

Overture, curtains, lights ...

Opening night was great -- packed house, high energy, responsive audience, etc.

The weird thing is, I don't get all that amped for opening night. For me, the real opening was the preview, or even the final dress for the ensemble members. You know, when you're running the show, all the way through, without stopping, with all the costumes and props and lighting and sound effects and an audience is there watching -- that, to me, feels like the opening. I was giving everything I had Thursday night and Friday night, so Saturday was like the elusive, impossible 110%.

In fact, in many ways, tonight is the night. Apparently a couple of reviewers are coming. And it will be a real challenge getting an audience on Easter Sunday, and getting that critical mass of people is often critical to raising and maintaining the energy in the room which contributes to a great show. So really if I've got any extra nths of performance energy in me, this is the night to tap it. My worst nightmare is a review that says, "An otherwise stellar production was marred by Rob Biesenbach's leaden acting."

Not that I've gotten one of those. Usually it's the insult of omission -- where several actors get raves and I'm one of the ones not getting any particular notice, which is likely how it will be here.

... on with the show this is it ...

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Dianna said...

i have plans to be here once The Diviners is done. :)