Monday, March 10, 2008

Opportunity cost

I was put on hold today for this print job I auditioned for last week. A giant cattle call with, literally, several hundred people passing through. At the audition they asked about my availability over a six-day period. I told them I was available 4 out of the 6 -- the other two being this coming weekend, when I'm in tech for the show.

So today they asked me to hold one of the 4 days I had available. Then they came back and asked about 1 of the 2 I wasn't. I said I still wasn't, and then it turned out that was the only day of the 6 they could use me. And there ya go.

And I was at another audition this morning and the casting guy let me know that that other client definitely wanted me to come in for the second callback tomorrow. He said they "love" me. And I'm thinking, "If they love me, then go ahead and book me."

If I don't get this one I'll be ticked.

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