Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Opening this weekend: Ceres

Ceres finally opens this weekend -- that's right, Easter weekend. It was either that or compete with an even more sacred holiday, St. Pat's.

Ripped from today's headlines, Ceres is the story of an elite, secretive unit of a venerable Chicago brokerage firm, under fire from an ambitious attorney general (one Stewart A. Spritzer). As the investigation unfolds, watch as this tight-knit crew descends into a spiral of bitterness, recriminations and betrayal.

We preview this Friday at 8 (10 bucks), have an opening gala Saturday at 8 (30 bucks includes admission, plus drinks, food and after-party), and the "regular" run begins Sunday at 7 ($20). From there, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through April 26.

For complete info, go to Factory Theater's website.


DJ Chas said...

Check out Rob, he's doing fantastic work. Ceres wouldn't be the same without Rob's take on Joe.
The Factory Theater is proud to have him along for the ride.

Danger Boy said...

Thanks, Chas! See, this is why the Factory people rock!