Monday, March 03, 2008

The ol' razzle dazzle

Last year I wrote about this really stupid thing I did in a show. I was vague about it at the time because it was so mortifying, but basically I turned this long, ridiculous monologue into a song-and-dance number. Well, I guess just a dance number, since I didn't sing. But it was something I'd been working on for a couple of weeks, right in front of everybody, and one night I tried it.

The director was pissed, and rightly so, but at the time it really didn't seem like a radical departure for the character or the scene or the play, which was fairly stylized. (And my character had a cane in his hand anyway!)

I immediately felt stupid, apologized profusely and all that. Looking back it doesn't seem nearly the disaster it felt like at the time. And the reviewer in the audience sure didn't seem to mind -- he gave us a glowing review.

All this is to say that in the play I'm rehearsing now, I've got this giant monologue and we've been working it and working it, just as we have with other parts of the play, and last week they decided it should be ... a stylized dance number. Complete with top hat and cane. Which I am all for!

I can't dance worth a damn, but I have considerable grace and elan. Tonight the ensemble is back to watch, so this should be interesting. As long as they know I was directed to do it!

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