Monday, March 31, 2008

Lazy Sunday

When you start repeating headings, you've been blogging waaaay too long. And/or much.

Sunday shows are tough. It's usually hard to draw an audience and yesterday's show was no exception. We had a handful of people, but had to proceed anyway because there was a reviewer there. 

It's especially difficult coming off Saturday nights, which are usually crowded and raucous and festive, so the contrast is pretty vivid. And people are pretty tired.

STILL, in spite of all that, we managed to pull off a pretty good show. Not our best, but not a stinker by any means. Everyone seemed to be high energy. I'm not sure I got to where I needed to be always, but I had my moments.

Now we play the waiting game, with three more reviews due. I have to hand it to these guys -- we've had six shows and there has been a reviewer at every one so far! These next ones are pretty important. If they're awesome, that will help draw crowds for the rest of the run, give an extra boost to our marketing and generally create some good mojo.

If they stink? Well, then we need to regroup and do our best to have fun through the last ... wow, I was going to say three weekends of performances, but I just checked the calendar and found we've got FOUR weekends left. Okay then. Four weeks. Wow.

*Crossing toes*

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