Sunday, March 09, 2008


In spite of a lifetime of warnings about the sure consequences of horseplay, I persist in engaging in it. And yesterday I paid the piper, with what I'm diagnosing as a hematoma on my right elbow, but which may be a bad bruise. And I woke up with what is either a broken left hip, stemming from said horseplay, or a massive crick from a night's sleep favoring the non-hematomal side of my body. 

Coincidentally, yesterday was a "drinking rehearsal," designed to give us a sense of the booze-soaked vibe that infuses the play. Acting drunk is tricky. A real drunk works to conceal his drunkenness. So slurring, weaving, stumbling, etc. won't do. Still, I'm not sure how I convey it exactly so it comes across. From what I'm told, I become louder and more effusive when I'm drinking. But how does that "read" to strangers in an audience who don't know the "regular" me? For all they know, maybe I'm just a loud and effusive guy.

So this week we start tech, with 13 of the next 14 days occupied by rehearsals, previews and performances. I'm hoping the intensity of the next two weeks will resolve a lot of the questions that I and others have about relationships and objectives and things. On the other hand, this is a pretty complex play, with video elements, movement pieces and surreal moments all woven in, so just getting all that figured out and finalized will be a job in itself.

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