Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hole in one

The shoot is done. Today's 10-hour day was a double-shift -- so double-pay and no work tomorrow. Even Steven indeed -- completely makes up for the lost job.

It's so funny. You never know what exactly won you the gig. More often than not, it's something completely unexpected. Today the director offered up that he picked me because I was funny. Even though, he said, there's nothing particularly funny about this shoot -- he just liked that.

And here I thought I blew it. (Hard to believe it was just Monday that I auditioned.) Anyway, there were no lines to prepare and when we got there they just said we'd be swinging an imaginary golf club. So I did a few practice "swings" in the waiting room and went in when I was called. The camera rolled, I swung, did a little shimmy here and there like you do when you're willing a golf or bowling ball onto a certain trajectory. Then, completely spontaneously, I said,"Hole in one! {Beat} And on a par 5!!" (If you know golf, that would be Herculean, next to impossible -- like Tiger Woods on 11.)

They asked if I golfed and I said something like, "Oh, I used to, but haven't in a long time. I shoot like a 110 or something ... but I know my way around a set of clubs." The correct answer, of course, would have been: "YES!"

So there you go. You just never know what's going to get you a job. Which is why you should just go in and be yourself

Tomorrow I am going to do NOTHING. But spin class. And pay a few bills. And a couple of errands. But that's IT! I swear.

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