Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A few reviews

Some fairly decent reviews have come in for the show.

TimeOut gives us 4 out of 6 stars, calls the cast "hardworking" and says the play "never bores us." They had some criticisms, but it was, on balance, positive.

These people called Factory "Chicago's oldest surviving non-equity theater," something  I was not aware of. Cool. They also have some pretty interesting insights.

And this last guy was "impressed" with my performance, among others, and also had some interesting things to say about the show.

So no one's lambasted us, which is good. They had some issues -- with some of the technical stuff, the complexity of the story, some of the acting. I don't dismiss reviews out of hand. I think there's always something to learn from them.

And there's no denying they're important to marketing. So it's good the most positive one was TimeOut, which also has the biggest audience. Apparently the Reader and Tribune are expected this next weekend. Those will be really important.

I'm going to work some more this week to ensure that I'm not, as one reviewer commented about unnamed cast members, merely "delivering" instead of "feeling" my lines. That's something I can be guilty of. The whole "feelings" thing, as I've mentioned in the past ...


Jill Elaine Hughes said...

I'd love to come see this, especially since I used to work in investment banking. But I'm afraid new motherhood makes seeing theater a low priority these days. Break a leg.

David August said...

Congrats!!! Have a great run!