Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working title

So I get to this audition yesterday, already cheesed off about what a public transit nightmare it was, what with unreliable buses and single-digit temps. And I'm outfitted as a farmer as best as I can muster, and the girl who checks us in holds up a mocked up ad and says, "Okay, you'll be playing a rock star."

And I'm like "WHAT??? THEY SAID FARMER!!" Then she explained it was a farmer who thinks he's a rock star. And it would be back to the camera in silhouette. So the wardrobe didn't even matter that much. Or the look. And there was just one person ahead of me instead of the 100 I expected. And I made it home in 20 minutes, instead of the hour it took me to get there.

So all's well that ends well. Except I had to demonstrate my rock star moves (fist pumping, leg kicking) and sing. Which I did. Rock-n-roll All Night. So yeah, it's never as bad as you expect.

And I was trashing SuperFoods unfairly the other day. That "cold" I had never quite "took" after just 3 days of ominous symptoms. Either that or it was a holdover from the December cold. Either way, I'm sorry for calling you a fraud, SuperFoods.

In other news, I now kitchen water after 10 days of drought, so all is well again here in Gaza City.

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