Monday, February 11, 2008

Treasure Trove

Why does that sound durrrty? Like "sugar walls?"

At this cattle call audition this morning I ran into a half-dozen people I know. And since they were running way behind, and I waited over an hour to get in, we had lots of time on our hands. Normally I'm content to sit in a corner and do a crossword, but today I was feeling especially outgoing, and had many enjoyable -- and valuable -- chats.

This one woman I bumped into is also in marketing for her day job. We talked about a mutual client and then we talked about acting -- the pros and cons of getting your SAG card, the reputation of various agencies, whether to go exclusive, publishing, etc.

Then I ran into a girl I did a reading with three-and-a-half years ago. She recently did a show with the theatre company I'm rehearsing with now, and had some good insights on them.

Then I ran into someone else I was in a show with three years ago. She was working on a MacBook Pro, the very laptop I have my eye on, so she gave me the scoop on its performance. And we talked about the coming Bush Recession 2, which I have been very, very concerned about, because his first one was no picnic. I'd read it was going to be a soft landing, but a very long one. She had heard that a lot of people are saying we've already been in it for a while, so even though it will be long, it may be over sooner than I think.

Then two women who recognized me and who I had to struggle to recall. Man, I suck!

Then I ran into the guy who's on the roster of Agent A with me. Every time I see him I pretty much feel like hanging it up. He's got a really great "Dad" look and books almost everything he goes out for. And this was for a Dad role.

So the wait was a pretty satisfying experience. Then I got in the room and mostly blew it. I'm not terrific at improv. Well, sometimes I am. Like in rehearsals for a play, when you've got your character and you and your scene partner improvise some dialogue? That's great, and I'm good at that.

But in cases like this? Where my "wife" and I, who I've never met or worked with, are talking lovingly to our invisible, imaginary daughter? Not so much.


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