Friday, February 01, 2008


Those are the letters I had to spell with my body this morning.

When my agent called yesterday and asked if I was flexible and could touch my toes, I said "you bet!" She asked if I've done yoga, and I said "sure!" And by "sure" I mean I've seen people do it. Mostly on TV.

Then when I got home from rehearsal last night I find these little sketches in my inbox of bodies making all these letters. Sketches, mind you, because some of them really required monkey arms for actual people to accomplish them. Especially the W. Well, half the W. But I rocked on b (lower case, thank god) and Z (which I've done before in improv). And thankfully I didn't have to do V, which hurt my neck this morning when I practiced for 5 minutes.

There were all kinds of people there -- actors, models, yoga instructors, dancers, acrobats, circus freaks. This one chick did a Y standing on her head with her legs spread.

So yeah, now I'm in pain. I think I'm going to take up yoga or pilates. My body definitely needs some loosening up.

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Christopher said...

Dear Rob
I wanted to pass this on to you. I'm working in Publicity for the Tantalus Theatre Group on their production of "Dreadful Penny's Exquisite Horrors." It's a new work and a relatively new company in Chicago and they are looking to catch the attention of Chicago-based Theatre blog writers.

We just put a new video up on YouTube. I hope you can look at it and this might interest you or your readers.