Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday we did a complete, nonstop run-through of the play for the first time. Then we did it again for the theater's ensemble members.

Even though it was stressed to us that they were not there to judge our performance -- they recognize we're basically half way through the rehearsal process -- it was hard not to feel a little nervous. You want to do well.

These guys are so organized. They had forms printed up for the ensemble to use in evaluating the production and offering feedback to the director. And so many of them showed up! It's great to see that kind of support and to know there's some additional creative focus and perspective given to the production.

We seem to be in great shape. Everyone's off book, we only had a few minor flubs, and we've got a whole month to refine and improve. It will be interesting to see Monday what changes, if any, come from this process.

I'm having a lot of fun in these rehearsals. I feel I've got a good, meaty, consequential role that offers a lot of range to explore and play. It's not the biggest role by any stretch, but it's a very good sign that I never feel bored or like an observer during the times when I have no dialogue. There's so much going on to react to, and it's feeling very genuine. I've rarely had so much to do when I wasn't "doing" anything.

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