Friday, February 22, 2008

My warmth problem

The great thing about this life is just when you're feeling great about something, disappointment and failure are just an audition away.

Luckily it works the other way around, too. This morning it didn't.

An audition for an industrial, where I'm explaining the ins and outs of credit reporting and finances. They told me "authoritative but warm." Then they had me do it again, saying they could see I was smiling, but more warmth. So I did it again, and it was like -- that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. Move, damnit! Warmth! More f'ing warmth!! And ... I don't think I made it. I was so focused on the copy, which I took the time to memorize, that I was having a hard time with the feeling.

The clients did like my glasses, though, as they were similarly stylishly spectacled. And they made a point to ask about my TelePrompter proficiency, which is a weird thing to ask if they're not considering you.

But yeah. Warmth. Not my strong suit. In acting or real life. I am courteous and generally considerate, but I lack the warmth.

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