Sunday, February 17, 2008

In the news

I read the newspaper every day -- the actual newspaper. Okay, the Chicago Tribune. Still.

So imagine my skepticism when a friend said she saw my picture in the paper. And when she dug it up, there it was. Chicago Tribune, last Sunday, in the Q section, a full quarter page!

I read that section and completely passed over it! As did others. Probably the clever disguise (hint: no facial hair).

This is a shoot I did for DePaul last year. I thought at first, "Hey, they're not supposed to do that! This was for the web or for a brochure." Then I checked the voucher and it turns out their use is "unlimited." They can use the images any time any place forEVER. Luckily it paid well.

PS: Do not blame the new Mac for the sucky scan job. Blame my crappy ol' HP printer.

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