Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 buses to nowhere

I had three auditions today -- only two of them planned when the day started. So that's pretty much all I did, what with the public transportation nightmare of the 7 bus rides and all ...

#1 was a film audition, which I think went pretty well. After I did the scripted scene, they had me improvise being impatient and angry in a traffic jam. So that was easy, and luckily they stopped my just short of hurling epithets about various stereotypes (you know, like trixies in SUVs too big for them ...)

#2 was a print audition that just came up today. Serious, pensive businessman. I think they wanted to see how well you took direction ("Turn about 90 degrees camera right, front leg propped on the stool, chin down, tilt your head a little more toward camera, now back a little more, right there, good, eyes on the x, rest your chin on your hand, don't cover the mouth, perfect, hold, *snap*).

#3 was really fun. A TV spot for a personal lubricant! Crazy. Everyone there was saying it was the most fun they've had on an audition. The scripts were pretty good -- funny and all, so we didn't have to do anything ridiculously uncomfortable. I think I blew it because they wanted subtle and I started big. I tried to bring it down, but they wanted total deadpan and I don't think I got there ... and that all sounded really sexual ...

Then rehearsal. (And two more buses.)

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