Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goodbye Windows, Goodbye Dell

Goodbye McAfee, goodbye SpySweeper, goodbye incessant, annoying updates. Goodbye constant compatibility issues, goodbye system crashes. Goodbye stuttering video and mystifying script errors. Goodbye crappy customer service, goodbye shoddy refurbished equipment, goodbye glacial download speeds. Goodbye to all of that.

I am now a Mac user. MacBook Pro, to be precise. A little more computer than I need, but after going years with way less computer than I need, this will be a treat. I deserve it. My clients deserve it.

Eight times the RAM, four times the storage, many times the speed.

No more having to keep a newspaper handy to occupy my time while waiting for e-mails to open. No more having to shut down Firefox several times a day. No more having to reformat the hard drive every 10 months.

I am one of THEM now. Such excitement.

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David August said...

Yea for Mac!