Thursday, February 07, 2008



So, Agent A (the one that gets me the most work) e-mailed end of day yesterday with an audition for Monday, telling me to call today to set a time. Today I wake up late and rush out to an audition. When I get out, I have a message from Agent B (who has just in the last week suddenly come out of the woodwork with several auditions after a long period of low activity -- I think due to my giving them my new headshots). It turns out they're calling about the same Monday audition.

But in the confusion, I forget it was Agent A that contacted me first yesterday and schedule the audition with Agent B. Then I get home and realize my mistake. So I had to call Agent B and back out, telling them I'd already been called for this and got confused, then call Agent A and hope, first of all, they didn't hear already that I booked it with Agent B and second, that they've still got slots for me. Fortunately, the answers were no and yes.

So all fixed. Still, this is another reason why it's good to be exclusive. To review, I was asked to go exclusive last year by Agent C, but if I went exclusive with anyone it would be with Agent A. But then Agent A hasn't asked me, like Agent C has. And how embarrassing and weird would it be for me to go to agent A and propose such a relationship and they don't want it? Pretty bad, I'd say.

This is like dating several people at once, except worse. Because in this case, everyone knows you're seeing other people, AND exactly who you're seeing. (It's a very small world.) What's more they sometimes know WHEN you're seeing these others. Like when two agents submit you for the same job but the first one beats out the other one. Like now with all this attention from Agent B, I'm wondering if those were jobs Agent A got beat out on and they're secretly hating me.

So anyway, I continue to think it might be time to propose to Agent A. Which would also mean breaking up with Agents B and C. Which wouldn't be pleasant, but at least I've got the numbers on my side -- Agent A just plain gives me more work.

Relationships are hard. But I think I'm ready to be a one-agent man.


Valerie Meachum said...

Valuable insight for someone just about to do a mailing blitz in an attempt to become an any-agent woman. I just ran across your blog recently, and am finding it very handy as I attempt to re-strategize my approach to building a career in Chicago. Thanks!

Danger Boy said...

Thanks, Valerie. Yeah, even though multi-listing is a widespread and accepted practice in Chicago, it does create some costs and inconveniences. And the agents aren't crazy about it, of course. The conventional wisdom is there isn't enough work here to justify going exclusive, but I know a number of people who are. And ideally it creates a more vested relationship between you and the agent -- they'll give you more, and more personalized, attention.

Anyway, I would advise prioritizing your list and maybe mailing to a few at a time. It feels good to get it all done at once and it certainly increases your odds, but it might be a good idea to be more strategic. They're pretty quick with responses.

Valerie Meachum said...

:: files away advice ::

Thanks again! Now to finish building the list so I can prioritze it...