Friday, February 15, 2008

The best thing I've ever done

Okay, maybe not ever. But certainly in the top ten professional accomplishments of my lifetime, is this purty thing here. (Click on the "Celebrating our clients' successes" link.)

This is the culmination of a project I worked on for almost two years. Originally printed in book form, this is the fancy web version. I did all the writing. (And I had the idea for the cool apple-esque interface.)

The point of the project was to celebrate the firm's 25th anniversary in a way that stands out from what everyone else does. So we wrote 25 little stories showcasing their clients. The unstated message: judge us by the company we keep.

I had such a good time researching and writing these stories. The whole point was to tell them in a way that engages the reader, with bright graphics, simple prose and a total ban on legal jargon, attorney names, case histories and Latin of any kind.

The whole process was awesome. Just me and the designer working with two people at the client -- the firm's founder and a senior partner -- meeting every other Tuesday morning for a year-and-a-half, scoping out the stories and reviewing drafts and layouts. That is the way to get things done. No freakin' committees editing the life out of everything.

If only every project could be like this.

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