Friday, February 22, 2008

And the Oscar goes to ...

... me!

Last night I went to this awards ceremony honoring marketing efforts in the legal industry. We were entered in two categories, and won both, including for this awesome project I talked about the other day. It was pretty cool. We were up against much bigger law firms (and much bigger marketing companies that support them), so the double-win was especially surprising, and there was considerable buzz when the firm's founder went up to accept the first two awards in a row.

He was also very kind in his remarks to acknowledge my business partner and me by name.

Awards are fun. I have a shelf full of lucite from my PR firm days and they're a nice thing to put on the resume. There are three secrets to winning awards:
  • First, you have to enter! For most people, the time it takes is too daunting -- some of the applications we submitted in the old days took many hours and many binders full of supporting documentation to complete.
  • Second, you have to write a killer application, and I've always been pretty good at self promotion.
  • Third, you have to have a good program or product to submit. Ours was great, but it's #s 1 and 2 above that make the difference.
Afterwards, we went down to the hotel lounge, where we were very graciously treated to Cristal champagne by the firm's partners, which was a lot of fun, as it's been a long time since I've had really good champagne.

And in a stark portrait of the two worlds I stride, I had to leave during the second bottle to go up to a fundraiser for the the theatre group I'm working with. From Cristal in the VIP section of a downtown hotel to beer and burgers at a far Northwest side pub, I bridged the two worlds, literally and figuratively, by treating myself to a cab ride up there.

The fundraiser was fun, too. It's funny. You work with people for several weeks and it's fun but mostly business, but somehow you take that group and put them in a bar with loud music and beer and everyone's suddenly on hugging terms!

Awesome, awesome night.

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David August said...

Congrats! And nice suit too.