Friday, January 04, 2008

Our own private island

Mackinac was amazing. No cars. Everyone gets around by bike, snowmobile or horse-drawn carriage.

Out in the water, at the top of Michigan's "middle finger," right between the upper and lower peninsulas, the only way to get to it is by plane or ferry. (And a 7-hour car ride from Chicago.)

These are the taxis that bring you in from the docks. They're also used to transport mail, and vitals like beer.

Our place was just a block away, so we walked through town. Luggage followed by snowmobile-pulled sled. The welcoming committee included Steve ...

... and Adam. Who really knows how to wear a hat.

The place was nearly deserted. The only things open were two restaurants, a grocery and two gift shops (unloading the last of their merchandise at 80% discounts). There were just a few hundred people on the whole island.

Still, it was festive and decked out for the season.

Our group included 5 couples and families. We all pretty much had this small condo building to ourselves. Our unit had a water view.

There was sledding and other winter fun ...

Hiking among the Victorian mansions above town ...

And through the woods, to the historic forts, cemeteries ..

... and various natural wonders.

At 700 feet, the Grand Hotel's front porch is supposedly the longest veranda in the world. In the summer, non-guests pay 10 bucks just for the privilege of visiting the property. We got in for free, as it was closed for the winter.

Very "Overlook Hotel." All work and no play ...

The town is just too cute. Though I think in the summer the people would drive me crazy.

But I'll be back someday. Awesome start to the year.

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Jill Elaine Hughes said...

Wow, those are beautiful pics. I always thought Mackinac would be gorgeous in the winter, but----wow. Looks like you had a good time.

Makes me want to rent SOMEWHERE IN TIME and get all weepy. . .