Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Headshots are so different from when I last had them done almost 5 years ago. (Other than the fact that they're in color.)

It used to be you would staple together 25 or 30 headshots and resumes and deliver them to your agent every couple of months. Multiply that by the number of agents you have and that explains why you'd typically get 250 or 500 printed at a time.

But now much of the initial casting searches are done online via Actors Access, so really you only need headshots to take with you to auditions. As a result (and because color's expensive), you order them in smaller quantities. Which means it's easier to change up yo
ur headshots over time, or have several different versions on hand.

So while I did think carefully about which ones to order, I didn't have to obsess too much about it.

These are the winners:

The one on the bottom was the third shot on the roll, so that's interesting.

Of course, after I ordered, a couple of late entrants reared their head:

These aren't bad, though I'm not crazy about the way the shirt drapes in the first one. And the expression's not the best in the other one.

Oh, well. The good thing is I can put a bunch up on Actor's Access to hedge my bets.

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