Monday, January 28, 2008

Big mouth strikes again

Looking East from the Michigan Avenue Bridge
Friday, January 25

Last week's rehearsals were devoted to table reads and analysis of the script and the characters. I felt very self conscious because at times like these, I have LOTS of opinions. I think that comes from years and years of, well, living. And analyzing every last thing about myself and my situation.

And with this script especially, I have a lot of experience to contribute because there are so many parallels to my own life. The company it's based on was represented by a law firm client of mine. The scandal they went through was similar to that of another former client of mine. They were prosecuted by a state AG -- I used to work for a state AG. They operate in a high pressure, work hard/play hard environment like I experienced in the late '90s working in a PR firm. Office politics, infighting, strife, affairs, firings, law-breaking -- it's all there.

But I don't want to be one of those people, because I really dislike them. The ones who know everything about everything and have no problem over-sharing it. So I was sitting on my hands and trying hard not to dominate the conversation.

I hope I struck a balance. I don't know. I do know in past experience with classes and things, people have come to me and told me how much my perspective was helpful and appreciated. (I'm sure a big part of that is the people I'm working with are usually younger and just have less life experience.) And I got some of that this time around. This is where I excel, in the group setting. Now that we're moving on, it becomes much more about individual relationships and interactions, where I don't do so well.

But these these guys seem really cool, so I hope I can pull it off.

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