Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad vibes

Sometimes it's like the elements all conspire against you to ensure a bad audition. Of course, I know you only get psyched out if you let yourself be by paying attention to things outside yourself that don't matter.

Still, it doesn't help when:
  • You're five years older than the top of the character's age range.
  • Wardrobe requirements are confusing. The character is a "runner" but in the storyboards he's not running, he's hanging out with his wife. And the wardrobe for all characters is "nice casual. So in the waiting room you're focusing on the half of auditioners who are wearing running clothes, not the half wearing regular clothes like you.
  • You're not being sent by your "main" agent, but by one that doesn't seem to know you as well, and thus sends you on these kind of random auditions.
  • Everyone coming out of the audition is joking, "That was tough!" and "Whoa, they were brutal!" etc. So yeah, it's just one line but that can be a hell of a lot harder than a page of lines. You've got to inject that single line with meaning and warmth and sincerity and give it several different reads and try to stand out from everyone else. This was like amateur hour. These are the people who say it doesn't matter what you do, it all just comes down to your look, which is a kind of a lazy way of looking at it.
  • You run into an "audition friend" who's totally counting her chickens before she even gets in the room, tallying the pay, planning the travel, talking about seeing you at the shoot. Shut up! That is such bad mojo.
But I don't blame all these things and people. I was the one who gave five virtually identical reads in a row, screwing up one of the few things I actually had control over.

I am all out of rhythm -- just 5 auditions this month. Ugh.

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