Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Roundup

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Each year I've been spitting out the numbers -- auditions, gigs, etc., etc., etc.

This year I'm not so much into it. Not so much because of the numbers themselves, some of which are higher and some of which are lower, but more due to this period of reevaluation I've gone through. It just doesn't seem to matter quite as much.

And that's most reflected in the theatre stuff. For the past 3 years I've gone on an average of 45 theatre auditions per year. This year it was about half that -- 28 -- partly because I've been a little more choosy, but mostly because I stepped back and took the summer and fall off. And had one of the best times of my life, incidentally.

Likewise, theatre productions were down, following the trend of the past years -- 14 in 2004, 12 in 2005, 10 in 2006 and 7 in 2007 -- and they were mostly readings and one-offs instead of full productions.

On the commercial side, things were up. I did no pulling back here. But on the other hand, I can't really say I stepped it up in terms of my marketing and outreach to agents and casting directors. If anything, I feel I did less. Yet I had 86 commercial auditions (TV spots, industrials and print), which is way more than where it's been the past 3 years, hovering in the upper 40s. Some of the difference might be more callbacks. Maybe also the market is better. Or maybe I'm just better. Who knows.

As for commercial bookings, the number is almost exactly the same as the past 3 years -- 11. And the total money was down from last year, so the gigs were smaller -- almost all industrials and print with just 2 commercials, both of which were extra roles. So the opportunities increased, but the results still weren't quite what I was shooting for.

So those are the numbers. Big whoop. The thing I'm most proud of is the one that I'm usually most proud of: the project I've just done. In this case, the Callback reading which, as I've said, may just be the beginning of my next big thing.

This year's goals:

1) Quality theatre opportunities. Taking only jobs that I really, really want to do. So this year's number will almost surely be even lower than last year's.

2) Better commercial gigs. Maybe this is the year I'll join SAG. We'll see -- that's been the goal the past two years. I can join anytime, as I've got one SAG job under my belt. I guess the point is to get some SAG jobs, which are better paying and which would necessitate joining.

3) Get a literary agent.

4) Finish this essay/book project I've started. Or perhaps I should say "finish" -- as in get a good draft done.

5) Have another awesome summer.

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Jill Elaine Hughes said...

What kind of agent are you looking for? Have you written a novel? If so, drop me a line. Maybe I could hook you up with mine.