Sunday, December 23, 2007


Man, I couldn't be happier with the results of the photo shoot.

Zoe McKenzie Photography, everybody.

I didn't really know them from Adam's proverbial housecat, but they were recommended by my agents.
And then up to my appointment when I mentioned to people that they were doing my photos, everyone was like, "Oh, wow -- they're great/the best/really hot now."

So it's nice to do something top-of-the-line instead of on the cheap.

I believe it shows ...

The ones without glasses are pretty surprising. I'm told this one "makes me look like a man" -- i.e., a grown-up, which is a little disturbing.

Here's a completely naked face -- no glasses, no beard. I look a little too much like my Dad here.

There are so many to choose to from. At least a hundred that would be good. I love this one. What a handsome man!

Thank you, Zoe's!!


David August said...

Very nice pics!

Dianna said...

argyle sweater is my fave :)