Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Getting a callback's not SO unusual. Getting called back for the very same day is new.

That's what happened today, causing much juggling of client obligations and a total planes, trains and automobiles scenario. Without the planes.

This was another one where they asked for a "Steve Carell" type. And it was actually a pretty good script this time, and a pretty good fit for me. At that Callback show where the casting directors were guests, they had said what they really like is when people come in and improvise the hell out of it instead of just sticking to the script. So that's what I did.

Though I guess it wasn't actual "improv" -- it was a bunch of unscripted bits that I worked up beforehand. Some of them seemed to be pretty funny and lo and behold they called me back. Don't know if it was that or my ability to take direction -- they had me do two scripts three different ways each.

So in the callback they paired me up with someone playing the other character, and it just happened to be someone I knew, so that was good. I went in with some additional bits and tried to give them more of what I hope they wanted.

The funny thing is, the first audition this morning actually was a callback. Only I didn't go through the first-round. The callback was my first shot. When that happens, I always wonder why. I suppose they didn't get what they were looking for the first time around.

After all that, it would be a supreme drag not to get it.

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David August said...

Kudos, and congrats on being on avail.