Sunday, December 16, 2007

Of course, it's sunny

Damn. Among the options I had for rescheduling my headshot appointment was this morning at 10. And I thought at the time, "Really? Am I going to be in condition and the mood for a photo shoot at 10 am on a Sunday?" So I went for Monday instead, and all week have been anxiously checking the forecasts.

Of course, I can't control the weather (yet), so fretting is pretty useless. But if we don't get these done this week, it probably won't happen until January. Tom Skilling says this just happens to be the cloudiest December in history. Hold on, sun ...

Regarding recent (and chronic) audition anxiety, I attended another episode of The Callback the other night where a couple of key Chicago casting directors were guests. The audience got to submit questions, so I asked what it means when you get called in all the time to a casting agency and then suddenly go a few weeks with hardly any auditions?

The answer was reassuring, and not, as I suspected, simply that I suck. They said it means you're at the top of the agency's list and that sometimes, inexplicably, for no reason that even they understand but that they recognize as a normal part of the process, shit happens. You might be an African American male actor in your '50s and suddenly in one short period every job that comes through their office will call for an African American male actor in his '50s. Followed, just as mysteriously, by a period of nothingness.

So there you go.

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