Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Listen up!

You can listen to my personal essay, Why Do We Act? A Search for Meaning and Purpose. Or At Least a Decent Rationalization, by going here.

It will take you to The Callback page, where you can hear it immediately by hitting “Click to Listen” or download it for free from iTunes.

The whole show is about an hour, but my part comes in at minute 21. And it goes almost 17 minutes! It was supposed to be 10. We knew it was going long and they were cool with that, but still ...

So you can skip ahead to my part or listen to the rest of the show, which is also interesting. Other guests include the new Managing Director of TimeLine Theatre and the new Artistic Director of American Theater Company. And a couple of the regular features are always entertaining.

I was pretty pleased on first listen. And couldn't help timing the audience's applause. For the record, 15 seconds!

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