Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Instant Gratification Boy

I was supposed to get new headshots taken this morning, but it was called on account of weather. We're not shooting outside or anything, but they prefer to use natural light because it's looks better. I like that they're conscientious enough to be concerned about that, so it reaffirms that I'm working with the right people.

On the other hand, I hate waiting. I take a while sometimes to mull decisions, but when my mind is made up, I want it NOW. If I go furniture shopping, I'll buy the scuffed up floor model rather than wait an excruciating 12 weeks for delivery. I got a new suit and sportcoat over Thanksgiving and it's killing me to wait for the alterations.

Same with the headshots. My black-and-whites are looking worse than ever right now as I prepare to take them to an audition. I wanted to get this all wrapped up before the new year.

And it's not just the waiting. The timing and preparation is tricky. You need to get a haircut far enough in advance that it doesn't look like you just got a haircut, but not so far that it starts to look sloppy. You need to have wardrobe cleaned and pressed and ready to go. Beard length, tooth brightness, etc., etc. It's all very complicated.

So I wait.

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