Monday, December 03, 2007


I'm getting my new headshots taken next week and it occurred to me this morning that, crap, I had no commercial auditions last week or the week before. Okay, one of those weeks was Thanksgiving. And I guess I did get a call about an audition last week, but it's from this agent who I'm basically cutting ties with, so I didn't go.

Still, my thought was, "What am I spending hundreds of dollars on new headshots for?" But then I keep telling myself, even if I quit tomorrow or never got another audition, it would still be nice to have really good pictures of myself that I'm proud of.

Last week, after accepting that role I got an offer from the other round of callbacks I did recently. It was for the play where I had such a great time at the auditions. But it was to understudy. So I thought about it, and even with a couple of guaranteed performances and some modest actor pay, I'd rather be on stage, part of the ensemble. So that's that.

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