Monday, December 17, 2007

Handsome Boy Modeling School

The sun stayed out and I got my new headshots done -- all in time for the '07 tax year!

It was a great afternoon. They've got this huge warehouse/loft space and we used just about all of it -- rooms, stairways, even the rooftop (brr)! Eight wardrobe changes, 400 photos and multiple facial combinations -- with/without glasses, with/without goatee.

It's weird that I don't really know what I look like without glasses. Since I can only see about six inches in front of my face, the mirror doesn't give much perspective. But when I take them off, people always go "whoa." Not because they're so spectacular (though they're kinda cool, green and all), but because the glasses are like a reverse magnifier, so without them the eyes look GIANT.

So seeing them bare in the viewfinder was ... I don't know what. Frightening? It's definitely a different look. And I'm going to have tons of options.

I get to see the proofs online Friday. Can't wait to see them. And to finally enter 2005 with headshots in LIVING COLOR. And get my facial hair back.

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