Friday, November 23, 2007

Johnny Bravo

I've commented before that sometimes I think I get these gigs because I "fit the suit." My suit, actually (which would make sense). But seriously, I've worn this suit in at least a half-dozen on-camera projects. What can I say, it looks great.

This is from last week's industrial shoot. They got it up amazingly fast. To view, go here, click on Experience Answers, wait for the flashy graphics and the lady to get done talking, then click on me when I come up.

I still can't over the sweet pay for this. On top of the session rate, they paid a buyout fee for it to run on the Interwebs, like they would if it was for commercial broadcast. I've done a number of these web gigs and don't recall getting a buyout.

So the lesson? If you're average of talent, buy yourself a really nice suit. Or, better still, get your Mom to buy it for you for Christmas.

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