Saturday, November 10, 2007


I went to this audition today for a new play that's being produced. These can be very dicey, because you have no way of knowing whether it's going to be good. But the director has good credentials and he's putting it up at a very prestigious venue that doesn't let just anyone put on a play.

But the best sign of all was when I got there I ran into an old friend of mine. Well, calling her a friend I suppose is an exaggeration. We were in a couple of shows together, hung out socially around those shows, but otherwise pretty much never see each other. But I think she's great, so what does that make her? In any case, she's pretty choosy about what she goes out for, so I told her the fact that she was there made me feel better.

So I look at the sheet that explains what the script is about and it turns out it's set in a PR firm. Wow. So on the form where they ask for all your info, there was a line for us to share something unique or wacky about ourselves. And I said, "As it turns out, I was a VP at a top PR firm for four years -- not exactly wacky, I know, but definitely serendipitous." Except I'm pretty certain I misspelled serendipitous without the aid of spellcheck.

Anyway, the director told me he wants to call me back in, which is great. Of course, past experience tells me that doesn't mean for sure he'll call me back in, but it's a good sign. Whatever happens, it's a nice way to start the day.

(Pictured above is the "good luck rabbit" that appeared on my doorstep the other night.

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