Sunday, November 25, 2007


So I've been offered a role from last weekend's callbacks (not the slam dunk one, but another good one), and I've got to figure out whether I'm ready to go back to that life. Not that I've been doing nothing since The Castle closed -- three readings, three industrials, a commercial print job and The Callback. But that's a far cry from six weeks of being booked on weeknights followed by six weeks of weekend bookings.

I suppose if there's ever a good time to be toiling away in a dark theatre, it's the months of January to April. Still, 12 weeks of no road trips and no vacations? That could get old fast. I suppose I could plan ahead, set aside a little time and mark it as a conflict. I used to take rehearsal schedules as sacrosanct -- you weren't to miss any. But everyone has conflicts, especially in a large ensemble. So they can account for that and work around them -- they just have to know in advance.

I don't know ...

It's a good company, they're on a roll lately, the role seems like a good one, not minor, something I can sink my teeth into. It could be fun. On the down side, work-work seems likely to stay pretty crazy for the next few months. I could find myself in a situation where, between the two, I lose my social life entirely, or am feeling constantly stressed because something's being neglected.

I do enjoy the acting, that's clear from the last couple of auditions and this Callback project. It definitely stretches me creatively. Hmmm ....

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