Monday, November 26, 2007

The Callback

I ended up taking that role -- we start work after the holidays and it will be my first full theatre production since The Castle closed in June.

But that's not what The Callback heading alludes to. It's the cool little show called The Callback, in which I will try to sum up in 10 minutes my five-year journey in acting -- from the breakup with a girlfriend on the eve of September 11 that spurred me to enroll at Second City to the morning I found myself on the bathroom floor heaving my guts out, alone, terrified and marginally insured.

It's funny that the process of developing this essay has very much mirrored my acting career as a whole. I went into it very naively, with far more expectations than actual knowledge. I found things to be a little different than I expected. I got feedback and was open to some of it, resistant to some of it. I dug in my heels a little bit and let ego and insecurity take over. And in the end, in spite of myself, I came to a bit of an epiphany, one that was waiting to be had the whole time if I was a little more open to it.

In any case, we did the final rehearsal tonight and together we finally nailed what has been the hardest part -- the conclusion. And I think we've got something really good. I talk about my experiences as an actor, the sacrifices I've made and the selfish things I've done and what, in the end, I've learned -- not so much about the craft, but about myself and often in spite of myself.

It's the best thing I've written in quite a while and I'm really proud of it. And I am going to resist with all my might having an Oprah Moment.

Wednesday night, 8 pm. Free admission. Cash bar! All are welcome.

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