Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Audition Ever

Tonight I went to the callback for Saturday's audition and it was completely awesome. There were only four actors going out for the role I auditioned for (as compared with a dozen or so reading for another character -- a 20-something woman, unsurprisingly). So we were asked to stick around for the entire three hours.

I read for eight scenes, performing each one two or even three times, so I got to go crazy and have fun. It became a challenge to see how many ways I could play the character. Like in one scene an employee of mine was quitting her job and with one actress I played it like I was crushed and with another I did poorly disguised elation.

So it was a blast. And to think when I first read the scripts I wasn't sure there was a lot there. It's amazing what you can bring out of something with lots of study and attention and practice. I wish every audition was like this. I'm not always so good with the usual one-shot thing.

Anyway, I still have no better than a one-in-four chance of getting cast, but I feel great that I was able to deliver my very best. So if I don't get it, I'm okay with that.

The industrial shoot this morning was easy-peasey, save for a small wardrobe communications snafu that necessitated a crew member driving me home to get a suit. NOT MY FAULT! Other than that it was super-smooth and efficient.

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