Thursday, October 25, 2007

Theatre spam 2

I mean, really. Some of these theatres I don't have the slightest connection to. I've never submitted, I've never heard of them and I don't recognize anyone in their ensemble. I've unsubscribed from at least a half-dozen different lists in the past week.

Here's a guideline. If you pull a potential patrons' name from some obscure place, or from some other theatre's list or if their connection to your group won't be immediately (or even after some investigation) apparent, kindly send them an individual e-mail introducing your company and explaining why or how you came to put them on your list (i.e., "your past support of All Things British Theatre Company indicates you might be interested in our season of plays by late-19th century Welsh playwrights." Actually, that scenario might be fairly easy to figure out. It's usually not that simple.)

Here's another tip: "premiere," as in "the first production of," has an "e" on the end. That's a pretty important word to know in this business.

But then who am I to talk? I insist on spelling "theatre" with an "re" instead of an "er."

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