Thursday, October 04, 2007


Without even really noticing, my commercial auditions have taken a little nosedive lately. I had five last month in what's been a pretty busy year. In fact, I just counted, and where I normally have just under 50 commercial, print and industrial auditions in a calendar year (and that number's been pretty consistent over the three years I've been doing this: 43, 44 and 48, in that order), I've had 68 just through September this year. But it still feels weird when you go from 12 or 15 in a month to 5.

I shouldn't complain, though. With work-work being so busy, I actually dread every time the phone rings. I've had a lot of days blocked out on shoots, in the studio or in meetings and I've been lucky that I've only had to turn down auditions a couple of times. And extra gigs -- I've turned away a couple of those.

But with several huge projects having just ended, I start to look at the empty calendar with some trepidation. I am on hold for an industrial shoot up in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks, but that's mostly it. And actually I'm already immersed in a couple of other big work projects so I guess I feel like as long as I'm busy and money is coming in, I can relax a little about whether the phone is ringing. And try to trust that it will pick back up, as it inevitably always does.

Yesterday was an easy one. My dream all summer has been to ride my bike to an audition. Because the trip to most casting agents and photo studios is this weird "L"-shaped commute requiring a cross-town transfer, it's not unusual for a round trip of 8 miles to take 3 hours (including audition time, which is often pretty quick), which is absurd.

Usually the bike isn't practical, but yesterday a combination of factors -- low humidity and easy wardrobe requirements (running outfit) -- allowed me to ride down there and I managed to do the whole thing in one hour flat. Now that's livin'!

And that's the Bahai Temple up in Evanston, by the way. One of only seven in North America I believe. It has nothing to do with this post, but I took the picture last weekend and I like it.


Danger Boy said...

Whatever you do, folks, do NOT invest in anything in Costa Rica -- it's a total shithole

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

When were you in Costa Rica?? Did you lose some money there?

And by the way, the Ba'hai Temple is in Wilmette, not Evanston. (Just over the Evanston border, actually).

Danger Boy said...

Tomato-tomahto ...

No, I haven't been to Costa Rica, actually, but some douchebag in Nicaragua has been spamming my blog with promotions for vacations or investments there.