Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Farmer Ted

Tomorrow I have two commercial auditions. For the first one, I'm playing a film director. Okay, I'll buy that -- artsy, pretentious, possibly dressed in jodhpurs with matching riding crop and beret. I've even played a director a couple of times on stage. I've got nooooo problem with that.

The second audition? Farmer.

Yeah, that's right.

Okay, yes, I recognize that today's farmers agricultural engineers are a far cry from the stereotype of yesteryear. And the character breakdown reflects that somewhat. But still.

My first instinct when this type of thing happens -- what I judge to be miscasting -- is to feel insulted. Are they really so out of touch with me and who I am and what I do that they send me on auditions I don't have a prayer of getting? But I'm trying hard, very hard, to see it maybe as a positive thing. The role does require some character work, comic instincts and a good bit of physical stuff. So maybe they see potential where I see pitfall. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment. So I will do my best. But I do not have an appropriate billed cap, that's for sure. And the glasses will have to go, which will be quite a trick as there are TONS of lines.

On the other hand, I shot an industrial today that was right up my alley: urban business executive in dark suit. Who's VERY annoyed with a clueless telephone customer service rep. That's my life right there. So it was a good day. Though long. A five-hour shoot sandwiched within a 6-hour round-trip commute. Zzzzzzz ...

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