Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall is (t)here

You can't always wait for fall to come to you. Sometimes you have to go to it. 'Cause you never know. Storms, wind, rain -- anything can happen to ruin it.

So to get to the foliage, this weekend's roadtrip was a little ... overly aggressive perhaps. Another t
hree-state adventure -- Illinois, Iowa and just a bit of Wisconsin (due to an accidental bridge crossing). Three hours getting there, three hours getting back, leaving just a little less than that total time for the actual being there part.

But in Chicago, you have to go a long way to get someplace that looks different. The Mississippi (not pictured) was amazing. Take my word for it. And the towns were right out of Central Casting. Or maybe Central Location Scouting.

Galena, Illinois

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