Monday, October 01, 2007

Endless Summer

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Another weekend of street fests, outdoor meals and road trips. I feel like I've got to kick things in gear, but I'm really having the time of my life. Appreciating the time, the peace, the experiences as much or more than I ever have before.

Audition notices pile up. I continue to check them, but not as obsessively as I used to, and I respond, but not as widely or as promptly as I used to. (I got a postcard from one company thanking me for my submission but telling me they only had 180 or so slots for the 450+ people who responded. How delinquent am I? I can't even be among the first third to res

I've been getting kind words about my father. It's funny the difference a word can make. Now that it's "Alzheimer's" there's an automatic recognition. Again, for me it doesn't feel much different. His memory has been bad for several years and declining ever faster. But it just occurred to me the other day that the Alzheimer's brings a whole new dimension I hadn't considered -- serious dementia, radical emotional swings, loss of faculties.

I'm even more glad I visited when I did. And wishing I'd done more, of course, before. But it does remind you to live in the day. Like the play I wrote about it a couple of yea
rs ago: "Today -- right now -- is the best I'm ever going to be. And tomorrow ..."

Live. Live big, love hard.

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David Lawrence said...

Kudos on taking time to live/breathe/be. That's been a challenge for me lately. I'm sorry your father is sick. I don't know what to say; my thoughts are with you.