Monday, October 08, 2007

A Day at the Races

I really love watching the marathon, especially since it's just a matter of rolling out of bed and walking a hundred steps to see it. It's festive and inspiring ... though those of us up here at Mile 8 had little idea what was going on down the road, with the heat and the water shortages and the illness and the death.

I went to a planning meeting this weekend for a small project I might get involved in. It would be cool, I think -- involving writing and performance with a not-too-huge commitment. I also have to make a decision about attending an audition this weekend for the play I did a reading for a couple of weeks back.

And I'm woefully behind in seeing shows. I keep getting industry discount offers in my e-mail but it's just been too nice to go inside. I had four meals outdoors this weekend! And it's October. It's funny -- for most of my life fall was my favorite season. Now it's definitely summer. I wonder if that's a result of getting older -- the whole mortality thing? Probably when I'm really old and infirm, spring will be the season. Rebirth and all that.

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