Thursday, September 06, 2007

The sun also rises

I'm on hold for a job, supposedly, for ALL of next week, which is crazy. Like I'm supposed to keep the whole week open.

I don't even know if it that's true, exactly. I got a message from an agent to check my availability next week for a commercial shoot out of town. When I called back I got someone else who didn't necessarily have all the details. "So is the shoot for the entire week, or just a day plus travel?" I asked. She didn't really know. "So am I on hold for the whole week?" I asked. Yes, she said. Which is crazy.

Plus they were auditioning more people even as we spoke, so that, combined with the fact that the last few jobs I was on hold for fell through, means I probably won't get it.

I don't know. I take umbrage -- umbrage, I tell you -- at the notion that I am to put my life on hold for a whole damned week. So I'm not. I've been scheduling meetings and appointments next week. Work projects keep coming over the horizon, one after another, like the moon chasing the sun. Just as one settles down, another comes up, then another, and another still after that.

It's like 1999 out there.

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