Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ha! Joke's on me!

So I had this theatre audition today. I didn't submit for it, but was invited last week by this casting director who works around town and has seen me audition here and there. So, leery about being labeled "the dude who always sez no," I accepted. And I went through all the usual prep -- I went to the library and checked out the play, read the play, studied the play by reading reviews on the Interwebs of past productions, studied my part, practiced, practiced and practiced some more. All of that this weekend because last week was too busy.

I didn't have great expectations, but wanted to do well. As with a lot of these things, the major roles have already gone to ensemble members so they're looking to fill out the smaller parts with people like me. I got there and it was the usual deal -- ran into a couple of people I know, including the guy reading with me. And I listened as the casting director explained
to each of us that the director was going to work you, stop you, start you, have you run it again and again in different ways. And so I waited patiently as others took 5, 10, almost 15 minutes to do their slots.

Then up I came. I performed my little 3-page scene, giving it my best,
drawing out the humor where possible, trying to give the long monologues meaning while also trying to keep up the tempo, playing my wants and all of that business.

And then? A few words from the director, something about doing a good job making the stories in the long passages understandable. And then ... thank you and goodb

Whoops! Who knows, maybe I'll be called back. But I doubt it.

My only regret is I could have had a much more laid-back weekend without having to cram for this. I mean, there were THREE festivals going on, for chrissakes. I could have made a
couple of them, I suppose. But there was the weather. And it wouldn't have been quite the same without my festival compadre ...

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