Friday, August 31, 2007

Workin' for the weekend

Work has been a bear. All week. All summer. For much of the year, actually. Which is good.

But I'm fried. I had this giant video editing project that's sucked up hours and hours this week because I was determined not to work this weekend. And I got most of it done -- enough to allow me to relax and enjoy the last semi-official weekend of summer.

So some of the work has been pure drudgery/hell, but some of it has been among the best, the most satisfying and fulfilling of my career. Which is awesome. I've really felt on top of my game lately. Which has coincided perfectly with this theatre hiatus I'm on. Without it I might go crazy. I've decided I really like to work. Well, check that. I really like MY work. I might not like digging ditches so much, but I love what I do. Probably because I do it well (and vice versa).

It's such an interesting contrast to the acting. I think I've mastered the work I do for my clients -- the writing, the strategy, the problem solving. Their appreciation and relief and sometimes surprise that someone "gets them" is palpable and genuine. Sure, I've been doing this almost four times as long as the acting, but I think it really started with a gift. Which I don't think I have for acting. Reviewers used the words "workmanlike" and "journeyman" to describe my work. That is to say, it's serviceable. It rises above mediocrity, but it doesn't blow anyone out of the water. And it may just be that, without that spark, that gift, no amount of honing the craft will bring it to that level where it needs to be.

I'm not sure about all that, but it seems an interesting theory. I just feel fortunate that there is something in this world that I know I really do excel at and that can give me satisfaction and rewards for years to come.

Anyway, food for thought. But enough thinking. It's Miller Time.

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