Friday, August 24, 2007


Scenes from my block after yesterday's (first) storm:

The broken tree above hit the wires, causing this light pole a hundred yards or so up the block to come down, too:

It's been a weird summer. June was cool. You couldn't go anywhere without a jacket or extra layer. July was perfect. August has been nothing but heat, humidity and non-stop t'storms training through the area.

As a result, I hereby declare an extension to the Summer of Rob, which was never clearly defined anyway, but I suppose was presumed to encompass "meteorological" summer (June, July, August). So now we'll be observing astronomical summer, taking us well into September, which is one of the best months weather-wise anyway.

There is still much to do. With so much going on in the city, it's hard to get away, but some road trips are definitely in order. And I still haven't actually swam in the lake yet this year. Or kayaked the river. If only I could pry these plastic streetfest cups from my gnarled hand.

I did get an offer of a small part and an understudy role, but I've done that before and I'm not interested in putting in all that work for so little reward. I'm really not sure when I'll work in theatre again. And I'm not all that worried about it either.

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