Monday, August 27, 2007

Road Trip!

I just realized I haven't been away all year long. It's crazy. Before acting came along, my favorite thing in the world was travel. I'm easily thrilled, and there's nothing like being in a new place, with a surprise around every corner.

I've been wanting to see Starved Rock since forever.

Who would have thought Illinois can be pretty beyond the lakefront? Not me. Thank you Father Time (and Mother Earth) for creating this wonderland of sandstone canyons and waterfalls within a two hours' drive of Chicago.

And one fortunate side effect of the flooding we've had ...

... all but two of the trails were closed. Because otherwise I would have felt compelled to do all 14 of them. This rooftop poking up out of the Illinois River is a picnic pavilion, under a dozen or so feet of water and a hundred yards from the new shoreline.

All kinds of exciting stuff in this world to see ...

... anyway, back to reality. Two auditions to prep for ...

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